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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Appartment for Rent

Hey we have an apartment for rent starting tomorrow if anyone wants one or knows someone who does, give Mary a call. 1.800.341.1263

  • total space just under 800 sq. Ft.
  • 1 bedroom with new windows, ceiling fan big closet
  • 1 bath
  • Kitchen includes stove and fridge, new counters
  • Large living room and lots of storage
  • Heat included
  • off street parking
  • upstairs above studio

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kristkindlmarkt November 27th & 28th

Ready to get in the Christmas Spirit with some old world charm? Join us at the 1st annual Kristkindlemarkt (German Christmas Market) November 27th & 28th at the Lindenhof in Peoria. We'll be among the merchants and this will be the final showing of our Castles & Cathedrals gallery that features images from Germany's Rhine Valley & lower Bavaria. Click on the image to visit the German American Society website. See ya there and we'll toast the Christmas Season...Prost!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Events...

Okay...so here's the deal...we've got three fun things going on right now but they're all filling up wicked fast you might want to jump on it now if one of them strikes your fancy.

iColor Kids, a great little 6-8 pose session featuring our exclusive "ring of light"...you're gonna love the look. It's a great deal because it's super inclusive which means for about what you'd normally pay for just the session, you also get a portrait collection...it's like getting over $100 worth of portraits free. Price is just $79, it's perfect for sitting babies through...well, any age but we've already had a bunch of people book school age children. We've all seen school pictures and you know these are going to be way better. Click Here For Details

The Puppy Wash...is a one day only Storytime Portrait Event and no you don't have to have a puppy but the family dog is welcome if you want to bring it. Basically if you put kids together with warm bubble bath in an old fashion tub, they can't help but have fun. We provide all the bubbles (for blowing and for splashing) all you need to bring is a change of clothes and a towel for when they're done. Of course a trip the the treasure chest is included for all our little helpers and the price is just $19 per child with Storytime Portrait Event collections available or you can design your own. Click Here For Details

SAVE THE PIG...we're down to our last few senior portrait appointments and after they're gone we're sold out for the year (unless we've worked with your family before). So, why not go out with an awesome, super inclusive session that includes both a sitting and portrait collection for just $299? Well that's what we did. There's more info on our website but let's just say you get incredible images AND a cool portrait collection for one low price. So, if you've been putting it off and thought you'd have to settle for a bunch of snapshots, here's your change to get your senior portrait from one of the top senior photographers in the country, nice little portrait collection and you won't have to break the bank to do it. Click Here For Details

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've Got 5 Sessions Left

I've got 5 session left in July and only a handful left in August. The ones in July were sold but because of vacations, sports camps etc. people had to move to different dates. If you want one of these 5 session spots, Mary will make you a seriously sweet deal on them but there's only 5 and once they're gone...well you get the picture. 1.800.341.1263 / 309.444.7010 CALL...don't e-mail or text...these spots won't last that long.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Casting Call May 13-19

Hey we've got some incredible new sets, and some hot new ideas coming up in the second half of the year. Problem is we need to test them and get our promotional materials together. What to do...well, why not have a little fun and let you in on it as well. We're looking for about 30 people who'd like to come in and test with us. Models from 6 months to 60 years are welcome and there's a good chance you could get called back to work with us on promotional materials and display portraits for the studio and outside displays like the Eastland Mall. Here's what ya have to do...
  • Decide what you want to test for
  • Call Karen and get on the schedule
  • The cost is $19 but that goes toward your order AND you get a 5x7 from the shoot (a $65 Value) in addition to the session with award winning photographer David Lee.

Click Here to get more info on the type of looks we're testing. Times running out and my phone is ringing right now so I gotta go...check out the website and call..what have you got to lose?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Class of 2011... One Day Sale... is SOLD OUT!

It's 12:07 on Friday the 23rd of April and our Class of 2011 One Day Sale just sold out! Sooo...I talked really nice to Mary, who talked really nice to our suppliers and we got 15 extra sessions at 75% off but at the rate the phones are ringing those will be gone by this afternoon. So if you read our blog for the latest offers, ya just saved a bunch of money because you can still call and get the deal that's sold out to the general public. Here's a link to our website with all the info. Whoops...there go the phones again...gotta go....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exclusive for the class of 2011

...you will not read about this on our website till later in the week but since you're here, this is the big news. We've always believed you should be able to make your portrait decision in the comfort of your home at 2:00 a.m. in your jammies if you wanted to. Unlike most studio, we don't make you sit here and decide which ones you want to order from. But now here's a new twist...through a special arrangement with our lab in Kansas City, we're offering the new Image Book preview system for the first group of seniors we photograph. An elegant 5x7 book with all of your images that fits nicely in your pocket or a purse so you can show your friends but more importantly so you can look at your session without having to have a computer on you (even with a netbook it's a challenge). The deal we got is a trial offer so I don't know how long we'll be able to do it...hopefully all summer but ya never know about these things. If you'd like to get your images in the new Image Book, jump on the phone and be photographed in June. I know we've got them through the end of June and hopefully longer but just to be safe, get on the phone now. Oh...nearly forgot, if you're going to come in in June to get the Image Book offer, you'll want to take advantage of the One Day Sale where you can get 75% off our most popular session. Sell the post below this one for details.